Public Affairs
10:14 am
Wed May 26, 2010

SuperHuman Times, Episode Two - "Risk Management," by Lance Woods

Sun. 6/6: In a world where powerful champions of good protected humanity from dark forces of evil, a world where good triumphed over evil, the remaining super heroes and super villains have - well, not much to do actually.

In this part of the series Natalia Zone, former Super Hero Sorceress turned CEO of her own Security Firm, takes on the task of protecting the fabled Romani Collection of magical artifacts which will be shown on a world tour. The Saving of the World: Super Pal - by Jerry Sterns produced by Great Northern Audio Theatre. As the rogue comet, Skippy, streaks towards Big City threatening impending doom, the question becomes, "Who will save us?" - Super Pal is nowhere to be found. The mayor begins to look at other superheroes, but no help is available.

The tale of the blue-glowing superhero is told from those closest to him. The nurse who helped birth him, the girlfriend who likes the cape, even the crooks he brought down in this superhero mockumentary from Prometheus Radio Theatre.

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