StoryCorps: Senaida and Tina Garcia

Aug 23, 2011

Albuquerque, NM –

One conversation at a time, StoryCorps Historias is collecting the Latino stories and voices of our time. Young Albuquerque filmmaker Senaida Garcia was ten years old when her sister reported being sexually abused by their father. In this conversation, Senaida and her mother, Tina Garcia, reflect on how that tumultuous time impacted them with some inspiring conclusions. Here, Tina describes the moment that she first learned about the abuse. Tina and Senaida Garica. Their conversation was recorded last May at a StoryCorps Historias mobile booth in Albuquerque. Editing by Candace Murphy. The StoryCorps Historias Albuquerque project was made possible with support from the New Mexico Humanities Council and the National Hispanic Cultural Center.