StoryCorps Historias: Miguel Campos

Jul 19, 2011

Albuquerque, New Mexico –

One conversation at a time, StoryCorps Historias is collecting the Latino stories and voices of our time. Miguel Campos's grandfather, Timoteo, may have been short in stature but he was hardly lacking in guts. In this interview with daughter, artist and educator Ana Maria Campos, Miguel tells stories of his grandfather's hardy spirit, and gives his own definition of the word "machismo." Here Miguel shares why he just might owe his life to Pancho Villa! Miguel Campos does *just that* as an attorney in downtown Albuquerque. This conversation with Ana Maria Campos was recorded last May at a StoryCorps mobile booth in Albuquerque. Editing by Candace Murphy. The StoryCorps Historias Albuquerque project was made possible with support from the New Mexico Humanities Council and the National Hispanic Cultural Center.