Storycorps Historias: Justin and Maria Rinaldi

Mar 8, 2011

Albuquerque, NM – Conversation by conversation, StoryCorps Historias is collecting the Latino stories and voices of our time.

Justin Rinaldi talks with great-grandniece Maria about how his father, an Italian immigrant, finally came to settle in New Mexico. Here, Justin recalls the nickname given to his father by the young ladies.

Justin Rinaldi with his great-grand niece Maria Rinaldi. Their conversation was recorded last May at a StoryCorps Historias mobile booth in Albuquerque. Editing by Candace Miller-Murphy.

The StoryCorps Historias Albuquerque project was made possible with support from the New Mexico Humanities Council and the National Hispanic Cultural Center. You can go to kunm.org to listen to recordings from the project and subscribe to the podcast.