Stings Halt Diana Nyad's Cuba-Florida Swim

Sep 25, 2011

The AP is reporting that Diana Nyad, the 62-year-old endurance swimmer, has given up her attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida. The cause? Painful man o' war stings, which medics warned her could be life-threatening. CNN says:

Nyad was pulled out of the water shortly after 11 a.m. following injuries sustained Saturday evening and strong cross-currents that were pushing her off course, her team Captain Mark Sollinger said. The 62-year-old swam more than 67 nautical miles — about two-thirds of the distance.

Her swim had been halted Saturday night after being stung by jellyfish and Portuguese man-of-wars, but she returned to the water Sunday morning in an attempt to complete the effort.

Nyad had attempted the same swim last month, but had to quit after a serious asthma attack made it difficult to breathe.

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