State Exchange Prepares For Insurance Enrollment Surge

Mar 20, 2014

Credit Screenshot from healthcare.gov

With less than two weeks left to sign up for coverage through the Affordable Care Act, employees with the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange are bracing for a surge of enrollment.

Spokeswoman Debra Hammer said there are almost 30 events scheduled over the next 10 days that are aimed at educating and assisting those who are still trying to enroll.

Earlier this month, the NMHIX announced that by the end of February there were 15,012 individuals enrolled for qualified health plans. Hammer said that number might double by the end of March.

She said the federal site healthcare.gov should be equipped to handle the large influx of enrollments, but that New Mexicans who are not already enrolled should start now in order to avoid any bottlenecks.  

"Don’t wait until March 30 or March 31. That’s when you’re going to see that real surge, and of course we want to make this a smooth experience,” Hammer said.

NMHIX also recently announced a texting campaign aimed at reaching people on their mobile phones in order to help them enroll. 

After the March 31st deadline, individuals who have not signed up will have to wait for the open enrollment period that begins this fall. Many will also have to pay a penalty.