11:30 am
Tue September 28, 2010

Separate Self by Robert Arnold

Sun. 9/12 - A man comes to believe that he possesses extraordinary powers - powers that he can only activate by putting himself in harm's way.

..But what will happen when he decides to test his theory? From Chatterbox Audio Theatre.

AND At the Mountains of Madness by H P Lovecraft, adapted by Brad Strickland, produced by Atlanta Radio Theatre Company.

An old man consents to a radio interview. In that interview a number of terrible truths come out. The truth about an expedition to Antarctica in the 1920's where everyone died horribly. The truth about an attempt to find the expedition's mysterious killers. The truth about a desolate plateau in the heart of a frozen continent. The truth about life and intelligence on the planet Earth. And the truth about the prehistoric horror that still waits lurking... at the Mountains of Madness.

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