Seeking Peace on Earth: The Peace Talks Radio Special

Fri. 12/31: Tune in for this one-hour year-end special featuring highlights from Peace Talks Radio programs in 2010.

It's been a great year at Peace Talks Radio. We looked at peace endeavors in U.S. prisons, highlighted the "Peace Through Music" project, and examined international efforts to protect human rights defenders in global conflict hot spots. We also talked with leading thinkers in conflict resolution, like William Ury, Daniel Goleman and Rick Hanson, and asked a panel how we can make peace with Mother Nature in the wake of 2010's many environmental disasters. We explored the story of Massosoit's peace pact with the pilgrims and learned tips for a peaceful divorce. And in one absorbing episode, we gave our microphone over to school children to hear their thoughts on peacemaking.