Secretary Of Education Skandera Still A Secretary-Designate

Feb 17, 2014

Today the Senate Rules Committee failed to advance Skandera's confirmation.
Credit Photo: manyhighways via Flickr

For the third time since her appointment in 2011, New Mexico Education Secretary-Designate Hanna Skandera’s confirmation was blocked by lawmakers.

On Monday members the Senate Rules Committee tied 5-5 in a vote over whether to send Skandera’s confirmation out of committee and to the Senate floor where a majority of Senator's were expected to approve her nomination.

Republican Lawmaker Stuart Ingle said that generally education unions oppose her, and they've managed to influence members of the panel.

"But she's going to be retained as the Secretary of Education," Ingle explained. "You can call it Secretary-Designate or whatever you want to call it."  

In a statement, the American Federation of Teachers New Mexico criticized Skandera for having no teaching experience and for excluding many educators and parents from being a part of developing education initiatives.  

Under state law, Skandera is allowed to retain her position without confirmation.