Roots of Hunger: Rethinking Our Foodsheds

Wed. 6/29 at 830 am: Well-known ethnobotanist and author, Dr. Gary Paul Nabhan, is a long-time farm and food activist. Here he describes the severed connection between humans and our food supply, and the ramifications of this detachment on our environment and identity.

On this episode of Watersheds as Commons, we will delve deep into our local, regional, and global food systems. We'll get a taste of the dangers that threaten our food security, and hear about the impacts of our daily food choices. Until recently, I hadn't heard the term "foodshed," a similar concept to that of a watershed. If a watershed follows the flow of water supplying an area, from headwaters to spout, so a foodshed outlines the flow of food supplying an area from farm to fork.

Slideshow photo: NM chile field (NMSU.edu)