Fri. 6/3 at 8am: Our guests will be Dr, Christopher Mead, Regents' Professor of Architecture and professor of Art History, School of Architecture and Planning at UNM and architect Antoine Predock, a former student at UNM, and currently, world-renowned Architect living here in Albuquerque.

In Roadcut, published by the University of New Mexico Press, Dr. Mead reviews 10 seminal architectural projects of Antoine Predock. The unique approaches to architecture by Predock in local examples include "La Luz," "The Rio Grande Nature Center," and "George Pearl Hall" on the UNM campus.

The art in the architecture of Predock, as summarized by Professor Mead, "is neither the rooted provincial fixed in one place nor the rootless cosmopolitan who shifts indifferently from one place to another. Instead, he is the architect who brings to the world his grounded experience of New Mexico -- here, he can focus on the essentials of wind direction, the movement of the sun and iconic landscapes (mountains) in a built architecture."

Produced by Dick Frederiksen