A reprise of Jack's Last Call: Say Goodbye to Kerouac, by Patrick Fenton

Based on a recording that was made in "Beat Generation" writer Jack Kerouac's Long Island living room in 1964, as he prepared to move to St. Petersburg, FL -- the place where he would finally end his many road journeys. On this last night in New York, as Jack hosts a going away party for himself, he thinks back to the America he saw on the road, riding alongside Neal Cassady, back and forth across the US.

Throughout the beer-soaked night, Jack reflects back on the fame he tried unsuccessfully to hide from in Northport, and a cultural shift taking place in America that has him worried that his time has come and gone.

This play blends the reality of that last night with other moments in Kerouac's life to create an image of an artist in transition.

Directed by Sue Zizza, narrated by Len Cariou, with music by David Amram.