Rep. Lujan (D-NM) says republicans focusing on process to distract from substance debate

Mar 17, 2010

Albuquerque, NM – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said the House will likely use something called "Deem and Pass" to make changes to a measure already passed by the Senate without having to actually vote on the bill itself.

Lujan says he thinks Republicans have been criticizing the process instead of focusing on what the public wants.

LUJAN: "The process that they should be most worried about is the process that health insurance companies are using to deny people care. But even with that being said, the rule and the procedure that is being talked about and given so much attention right now is a rule and a procedure that's been used many many times. It was executed by Republican speakers of the House to pass different pieces of legislation, and quite simply, if you support the procedure, if you support the action that's gonna be taken, then we're moving health care reform and health insurance reform forward."

Lujan says he thinks the House will vote on the health care overhaul legislation this weekend or early next week.