Radio Theater: Medusa on the Beach by Marty Ross - Sunday, March 28th at 6pm

Biddlecombe. A perfectly ordinary, past-its-best English seaside town. Except why has everyone there been turned to stone?

Two seriously out-of-their-depth police officers uncover the strange tale of what happened when middle-aged and romantically disappointed hairdresser Marjorie Briggs found something in a polythene bag on the beach that didn't belong there, something ancient and terrible - something with the power to seriously muck up the lives of Marjorie and all those she loves and hates, as surreal comedy shifts towards a very strange sort of Greek tragedy.

Starring : Madlena Neveda, Mike Garnell, Jennifer McFarlane, Joyce Springer, Michael Good, Anthony Sergeant and Nic Van Gelder. A production of Britain's The Wireless Theatre Company.