"Quality Counts" Survey Shows Challenges, Bright Spots in NM Schools

New Mexico’s K through 12 grade schools earned a middling C in the latest Quality Counts survey from EDUCATION WEEK.

But that average obscures bright spots as well as areas of deep distress within the state’s school system. 

This year’s survey suggests that New Mexico’s public schools benefit from average to above average financial and administrative support.  For example, the state ranks 30th in the nation in school financing and 15th in the nation – with a grade of A minus - in how well education standards are administered and assessed.

But New Mexico earns some of the lowest rankings in the nation in student achievement.  This category includes student performance on standardized tests, closing achievement gaps for students in poverty, and high school graduation rates.  According to the Quality Counts survey, New Mexico ranked 47th in the nation in student achievement, earning a cumulative grade of D minus.

And New Mexico ranks even lower, 50th in the nation, in the survey category “Chances for Success.” This category measures family income, parent education levels and parent employment and how they might affect student performance.

Nationally, the state of Massachusetts ranked number one in the Quality Counts survey. The nation’s schools as a whole earned a grade of just C plus.