The Power of Productive Obsession, with Eric Masiel, Ph.D

Sat. 2/11 6a: How can we use our brain power to fuel our passions and creativity? The word obsession has been high jacked for over a century. Eric Maisel has returned the power of the word "obsession" to us, and shows how we can be served by our "productive obsessions."

He says, "My unproductive clients obsessed, but about negative things; these obsessions are the more customary ones we think about when we hear the word obsession those worrisome obsessions. I was really curious if I could help people create and nurture productive obsessions . . . and this book is an outgrowth of working with people on creating and nurturing productive obsessions."

Why is it that we waste so much time?

Why is that that most of us believe in our own potential, but are often disappointed by our efforts?

What stops us from knowing, what we truly love to do?

These questions and much more are covered in this dialogue. Hosted by Michael Toms.