Peace Through Music

Fri. 2/26: Can music promote peace in a noticeable way? Carol Boss talks with producer Mark Johnson and musicians Clarence Bekker and Mermans Kenkosenki about the Playing for Change Foundation and related projects.

17 million views on You Tube to date. That's the number of times the unique rendition of the song "Stand By Me" has been seen on the internet.

The song featured contributions from street musicians and indigenous performers around the world, all playing to the same basic track recorded in Santa Monica, CA, by music producer and engineer Mark Johnson.

The good vibe from the collaboration inspired a whole CD called Songs Around The World, a DVD called Peace Through Music, a live tour, and a non-profit organization called the Playing For Change Foundation that has raised money to build music schools in developing countries.

Can a project like this really promote peace in a noticeable way? On this edition of Peace Talks Radio, Carol Boss talks with both Mark Johnson and two of the music performers - Clarence Bekker from The Netherlands and Mermans Kenkosenki from South Africa about this remarkable project.

Peace Talks Radio is produced by Paul Ingles for the non-profit media organization Good Radio Shows, Inc. This and all of the episodes in the series dating back to 2003 can be heard online at www.peacetalksradio.com.

photo source: playingforchange.com