Nuestra tierra: Land grant movement in New Mexico

Oct 8, 2012

Mon. Oct 8, 7p:  Property rights regarding land and water were not fully respected in the years after 1848. We´ll talk about the struggle of nuevomexicanos to recover land and water rights, especially among who are heirs of community land grants.

This is an active movement regarging LAND GRANT-mercedes, an on-going burning issue with approximately thirty community land grants actively engaged with each other, U.S. and New Mexico state agencies, and the public.

Our two guests, Dr. Manuel García y Griego -director of the UNM Land Grant Studies Program-, and Arturo Archuleta -Chairman of the Board, Merced Land Education and Conservation Trust-, have been actively engaged in this movement for nearly a decade and are uniquely qualified to discuss the current efforts by land grantees to recover land, promote rural economic development, and improve the socioeconomic and other opportunities of heirs in rural New Mexican communities.