A Nod to National Blood Donor Month and Other Themes ...

Jan 12, 2012

This is National Blood Donor Month and In our first theme-driven set we'll be playing a handpicked collection of our favorite sanguine selections which includes some bloody good artists like Wyonie Harris, Willie Nelson. Bon Iver, Gavin Bryers, Tom Waits and others..

Later in the program, in a set entitled GOD'S GIFT TO WOMEN,  songs about gigilos, users and players (a.k.a. playboys). Selections will come from the likes of Giacomo Gates, Billie Holiday, Pearl Bailey, Louis Prima and others.

In our final theme-based segment, a collection of our favorite STAR SONGS, featuring k.d. lang, Leonard Cohen, Jet Set Sweden, Tayla, Norah Jones and several other stellar (pun intended) artists.