NM Rejects Petition On PTSD Medical Pot Removal

May 1, 2013

Medical cannabis.
Credit eggrole via Flickr

  New Mexico Health Secretary Retta Ward says post-traumatic stress disorder will remain as a qualifying condition for the state's medical marijuana program.

Ward made the announcement Tuesday. Her decision backed up a recommendation made last year by the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Advisory Board.

The board had rejected a petition by an Albuquerque psychiatrist who said there was a lack of scientific evidence proving medical marijuana helped those with PTSD.

State law allows citizens to petition the board to add or delete medical conditions that qualify patients for a medical marijuana license.

The Health Department says there are about 3,700 New Mexicans who used a PTSD diagnosis to qualify for a license.

In all, there are nearly 8,900 New Mexicans who have licenses from the department that allow them to purchase medical marijuana from nonprofit growers.