Night Over Taos

Jan 5, 2012

Sun. 01/08 6p: “Night Over Taos: A Theatrical and Historical Journey from the Taos Revolt to Statehood”depicts the Taos Revolt and its aftermath in a dramatic and engrossing manner in a special two and a half hour broadcast during Centennial Week.  First there will be a performance of Maxwell Anderson’s play Night Over Taos – a historical drama about the events surrounding one of the first battles in the Taos Revolt.

Following the play, a panel discussion by leading New Mexico historians -- Dr. Rick Hendricks, the NM State Historian; Dr. Laura Gomez, author of Manifest Destinies; and Dr. Brian Herrera, UNM theatre historian -- will address questions raised by the play and discuss New Mexico’s journey from defeat in the Battle for Taos in 1847 to statehood sixty-five years later.