New Volume Details NM Raptor Species

Sep 27, 2010

Jean-Luc Cartron

Albuquerque, NM – If you've spent any time driving in New Mexico, you've probably seen the silhouette of a hawk or an eagle perched atop a utility pole or gliding against a blue sky. There are a wide range of eagles, hawks, kestrels, owls and falcons that live in or migrate through New Mexico.

Many species of birds of prey are doing a lot better in New Mexico according to Jean-Luc Cartron, because of the banning of DDT and a decrease in shootings.

Cartron is editor of the new book Raptors of New Mexico a thick volume featuring over 700 photos and articles detailing the lives and challenges these birds of prey face. He stopped by the KUNM studios recently to talk about the birds. He'll be signing copies at the University of New Mexico Bookstore in Albuquerque today at noon.