Public Affairs
2:36 pm
Wed May 26, 2010

Mythologia, Episode 01: Cupid & Psyche by Apuleius, and Chronos Beach

Two plays diametrically opposed - and strangely united - in their themes of love and envy, and post-apocalyptic survival.

Mythologia, Episode 01: Cupid and Psyche by Apuleius
Produced by Chatterbox Audio Theater. To be born with beauty that rivals the gods turns out to be a curse for Psyche who incurs the envy and jealousy of Venus, who sets her son Cupid the task of causing Psyche to fall in love with a vile creature. But Cupid's arrow flies awry and love becomes a herculean task in this ancient tale of jealous goddesses, talking ants, and timeless love.


Chronos Beach by Thomas E. Fuller
Produced by Atlanta Radio Theatre Company. A post-apocalyptic poetic dream, an encounter in a land beyond time; three young women in a beach house, isolated from the rest of the world by sheer strength of will -- and three fighter pilots on an endless routine sweep for anything out of the ordinary.

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