My Dad's Favorites: A Greatest Generation Playlist

Sun. 6/19 at 11am: A World War II vet and his wife of 60 years try to educate their radio producer son about the greatest music of their generation.

John Ingles was born in 1922, went to war in Europe, worked for the phone company for 35 years, and is still, today, a devoted family man. He gave his wife a 45-record changer as one his first gifts to her, signifying that her life with him would be filled with music. He was sure to keep his record player in good shape for all the years since. He recently wrote a letter to his three kids, listing his top favorite songs from his life. His middle son, Paul, the radio producer, interviewed him and his mom about the music selections. He was reminded again about how much his dad knew about the music from his lifetime. All that time reading liner notes pays off in this special. Selections include Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles in this educational, sometimes funny and sometimes moving hour for Father's Day.

Slideshow photo source: mirrorlab.as.arizona.edu