Mexico: Riding Out the Storm

Fri. 7/23: In the midst of crises in Mexico, Mexicans must cope with living their everyday lives.

Holding a double celebration of its independence and revolution anniversaries this year, Mexico ironically finds itself in crisis. Drug-fanned violence, economic downturn, tourism losses and ecological problems all create a perfect storm. Meanwhile, a lot of the media coverage focuses on how officials in both Mexico City and Washington are responding or failing to respond to an urgent situation. But how are ordinary Mexicans coping with the crisis? What are the overlooked dimensions of the Mexican crisis? Produced by Kent Paterson, this documentary explores these questions and more from the standpoints of Mexican human rights activists, small business people, youths and others. Featuring exclusive interviews and sounds, the program takes listeners on a reflective journey to Mexico during the country's historic but troubled bicentennial year. The program was made possible in part by a grant from the KUNM Independent Producer's Fund.