Man Accused Of Making False Grenade Claim Arrested

Jan 7, 2013

Police say a man who claimed to have two grenades in his car at an Albuquerque mall was arrested on a weapons charge after officers determined the suspect had a toy grenade and a fireworks grenade.

No explosives were found.

No one was injured in Saturday's incident.

The Albuquerque Journal reports (http://bit.ly/Xak5AU) mall security arrested Heath Holden shortly after he entered the mall.

Police say Holden entered the mall wearing a vest similar to those used in weight training, though it appeared to one shopper that Holden was wearing body armor.

The shopper who alerted police also claimed to have seen Holden place a shotgun on the roof of his car before entering the mall.

No gun was found.

Holden was charged with carrying a concealed deadly weapon.