Magical, Combustible Words, with Phil Cousineau

Sat. 8/20 at 6am: Do you ever find yourself a little mumblemouthed? Or do you go to the dictionary to look up a word, only to get sidetracked when other, more interesting words catch your eye? If so, you share Phil Cousineau's dynamic relationship with words.

In this program, writer, teacher, scholar and storyteller Phil Cousineau rejoices in the power of dynamic words. For him they're playthings, enchantresses, magical sounds that can stir your heart, and mementos that tell fascinating stories about the lives of the ancestors who created them. The way we use them has more power than we may realize.

You might even get clues on how to finally finish that novel you've been working on, if only you can find the words.

To learn more about the work of Phil Cousineau go to www.PhilCousineau.net.

Program #3358