Lawsuit: Intel Worker Subjected To 'Kick Me' Prank

May 7, 2013

An Intel employee says in a federal lawsuit that co-workers secretly taped a "Kick Me" sign on his back as part of a pattern of abuse he faced at a Rio Rancho, N.M., Intel plant.

Harvey Palacio says in a lawsuit he went to a senior staffer in August to ask if something was taped on his back and staffer then kicked Palacio in his buttocks. Court papers say another staffer also kicked him.

The lawsuit filed in Albuquerque says other co-workers laughed and Palacio "felt demoralized and assaulted and he began to cry during the drive home."

In addition, Palacio says co-workers would hide a work uniform and filled his work bag with trash. He claims the abuse was racially motivated because he's Filipino.

Intel says the company is reviewing the lawsuit.