KUNM 50th Anniversary Painting Raffle

Nov 17, 2016

For KUNM's 50th Anniversary, we are conducting a Raffle for the painting "red tractor in field" by minimal expressionist Palo Klein Uber.  The artist painted "red tractor in field" on a farm in Ireland, using the medium of acrylic and french crayon on acid free board. This is Uber’s first piece employing french crayon. The painting measures 46" x 53" and is valued at $13,600. 

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About the Artist

Palo Klein Uber is a minimal expressionist from the UK, who lives part of the year in Albuquerque. He is the only known artist in the world who has perfected a medium using melted plastic with acrylic paint. The London Art Review said (2006) "…the transition to board from canvas with his ingenious melted plastic was a sensual delight, we were simply in awe... every piece…truly museum bound."

Palo Klein Uber signs all of his work with a handprint on the back. He also explains a little about the painting on the back of all of his works.

Palo Klein Uber’s works are collected internationally by:

  • MGM Boardroom, Los Angeles
  • ESPN, San Diego
  • Hoogland Estate, Amsterdam
  • Bijorg Post War Collective, Paris
  • M. Jaggar Estate, South London
  • Spielberg Family Trust, Los Angeles
  • Bentley Motorcars, London
  • W. Allen, New York
  • Berlin Museum of Contemporary Art, Berlin
  • Sheikh Salim Abu dah, U.A.E.
  • Roche Bubois, Paris
  • Nestle World Headquarters, Geneva
  • Tesco Corporation, London

…and many high profile collectors who want their privacy protected.

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1 Ticket $50

(Lump sum payment ONLY)

3 tickets $120

(Billable @ $10/month)

15 tickets $500

Drawing date in 2017 TBD