Kirk Smithart Band, Live at Colonial Middle School in Memphis, TN

11/03: When he's not on the road touring with the Hill Country Revue, you can find Kirk Smithart playing with his power trio consisting of Zach Farley on bass, and "Hot" Cleveland on drums. They're one of the best shows in town featuring smart songwriting, monster musicianship, and Smithart's powerful and soulful singing voice.

The kids at Colonial Middle School were in for a real treat on their last day of school as Beale Street Caravan brought in the Kirk Smithart Trio as part of ArtMemphis's Music in the Schools program. Also this week, we've got an uptempo set of rockabilly from Nick Curran and the Lowlifes from the Pittsburgh Blues Festival in Pittsburgh, PA.

Guest Host, Scott Dirks, tells us about the Chicago Blues.