Judge Rules In Support of PED Teacher Eval Plan

Nov 25, 2013

Credit Alegri / Creative Commons

A state District Court judge has ruled in favor of Gov. Susana Martinez's administration and its implementation of new teacher evaluations. 

Democratic State Senator Howie Morales joined two other lawmakers and the state's teachers unions to try and stop the Public Education Department from moving forward with the new plan. 

Morales, who is running for the Democratic nomination for Governor next year, says the Martinez Administration shouldn't have used a top-down process of adding the new plan without buy-in from lawmakers. 

"They basically revived a piece of legislation that was killed in committee," Morales said, "and that's not the way the process should work."

A bill describing an alternate teacher evaluation process brought by Morales and passed by state lawmakers was vetoed by Gov. Martinez earlier this year. 

According to The Santa Fe New Mexican, Judge Shannon Baca's order says the Public Education Department has authority under state law to impose an evaluation system of its own design. The system will base 50 percent of teachers' evaluations on students' test scores.