An Interview with White House Photographer Eric Draper

Fri. 8/13: From Albuquerque Tribune to White House photographer, Rio Rancho's Eric Draper has taken photos that are ingrained in the public eye. Find out how he got there, and how he managed to capture these moments.

Picture in your mind President George W. Bush, bullhorn in hand, with a group of firemen crowed around him at Ground Zero or picture the former President, wearing a cowboy hat, and driving his truck, at his Crawford, Texas ranch. These mental images come from actual photographs taken by today's guest, White House photographer Eric Draper.

Among other subjects, we will talk about Draper's coverage of Bush's 2000 campaign, how he went from the Albuquerque Tribune to White House Photographer, and how he managed to capture so many genuine moments, such as President-elect Obama's intense conversation with President Bush on his very first visit to the Oval Office. To learn much more about campaign photography and the role of the White House Photographer, please joint host Stephen Spitz for this fascinating discussion with Rio Rancho resident, Eric Draper.

Produced with the assistance of John Burgund and Roman Garcia.