How I Learned To Tell Time, by Jay Kettering

Sun. 1/16: This play is all about the adventures of a six-year-old boy trying hard to discover what comes so easily to his classmates.

To gain enlightenment in the 1960s, Jay must do battle with Clock Man, evade the jaws of a red devil, and escape from a teacher who imprisons him behind a piano and traps his head in her armpit. Luckily, Jay's best friend and mentor, George Georgie, is there to help. Together they navigate the strange landscape that is eastern Montana ? where playgrounds are the size of small towns and first-graders fly like birds, at least in their own minds. Sometimes it's hard to tell who's guiding this odd odyssey ? the 49-year-old narrator or his six-year-old self. But that only adds to the fascinating mystery of the phenomenon we call Time.