Hip Deep Egypt 3: Cairo Underground

Oct 10, 2012

Fri. 10/12 10p: Egypt’s revolution has brought much to light, including a lot of music that’s been percolating in hidden corners there, largely ignored by nearly all broadcast and print media.  

It turns out a musical revolution has been going on in Egypt well before the political uprisings of 2011.  On this program, we hear music that either was or still is “underground.”  

We meet Cairo rock musicians from the band Wust El Balad, and also from widely stigmatized heavy metal musicians who appeal to a small, passionate, and surprisingly wholesome audience.  

We also hear experimental music by composers out to break the orthodoxy of the Egyptian past, and sample new forms of sha’bi pop and Sufi music, bubbling up from poor urban neighborhoods where street weddings may offer a glimpse of Egyptian pop music to come.