The Heart With Rumi and Coleman Barks (repeat)

Nov 6, 2013

Sat. 11/9 6a: In this far ranging conversation, Barks takes us on a journey with stories of Rumi: Rumi talking to the ducks, his meeting with Shams, his fleeing Afghanistan with his father and 90 camels loaded with books, and more.

Barks also talks of his own teacher, Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, and his first encounter with him in a dream, as well as Bawa's death and burial.  All of this is delightfully interspersed with the reading of some poems from Rumi: The Big Red Book.

When asked about living a life of the heart, Barks says, "Rumi has many ways of talking about that. Somehow breaking the container of the ego and moving out into some mystery. He says, 'jars of spring water are not enough anymore. Being contained is not enough. Take us down to the river and then eventually to the ocean, the shoreless ocean.' [There is a] kind of tenderness toward existence and a generosity toward human beings, and I'm still trying to learn it from doing the poems and just living my life."


(hosted by Michael Toms)