Health care reform: Will it help make American women and families healthier

Oct 1, 2013

10/11 8:00am -Health care reform, also known as the Affordable Care Act or "Obamacare", is moving forward with new health coverage enrollment starting in October, and both women and men could have a lot to gain. Women's health advocates say the law impacts women enormously because it's often women who make health care decisions for their families. 

Credit National Women's Law Center


  It's the "biggest social change to happen in 50 years" according to organizations trying to get ready for it, but will it help make American women and families healthier? Or are we just feeding more people into an already broken system? Women stand to gain benefits they have gone without for years: birth control and maternity care to name just two. But, what about the women that don't qualify for expanded Medicaid and still can't afford insurance through the newly formed Health Insurance Exchanges (marketplaces to comparison shop for insurance plans)? Join health care experts and women's health advocates as we discuss the impact of the law on the health of women and families.