The Gulf Oil Spill & Green Energy in New Mexico

Fri. 6/11: Inventor and entrepreneur Ned Godshall joins us to talk about the costs and considerable benefits of green energy innovation in New Mexico.

The Gulf oil spill has once again reminded us that the full environmental cost of drilling for oil and gas is not in the competitive mix. So, how competitive is green energy right now and by how much do we have to increase taxes or regulations on carbon based fuels to make green energy competitive?

To answer these questions we joined by Ned Godshall, a serial inventor and high-tech entrepreneur whose New Mexico start ups (aided by tech transfers from the Labs) developed fuel cells that store energy, solar panels that produce energy, and now a water desalination process for treating waste water from oil and gas and drilling. In addition to his hands on knowledge of these key green industries, and how production costs of green products compare with their carbon based alternatives, Godshall's companies all received venture capital financing, including from the State of New Mexico.

So, please join host Stephen Spitz to also learn about green tech start ups, how venture capital financing works, and how the New Mexico Private Equity Investment Program is performing.

Produced with the assistance of John Burgund.