Government Mule, Live at Minglewood Hall in Memphis, Tennessee

Weds. 7/21: A live performance of Gov't Mule, a southern rock band with a rich history and dynamic sound.

Warren Haynes and Allen Woody, should be well known to Allman Brothers fans for their stint in Southern rock's most famous native sons. In 1989 Haynes became the second replacement for Duane Allman, providing a good foil for Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts on guitar and vocals; Woody filled out the Allman sound on bass. Five years after their debut, the duo joined drummer Matt Abts in the side project Gov't Mule, a band in which the Allman Brothers' influence is apparent but complicated with the psychedelic, bluesy power trio feel of Cream. Soon the side project became the main outlet for their creativity and the Mule have released several critically acclaimed albums since. Carrying on after the tragic loss of Allen Woody, Haynes has nurtured the band into one of the best live acts in the business. Known for their virtuosity and free-form jams built around rock and blues arrangements, Gov't Mule is one act on the road you don't want to miss. Beale Street Caravan proudly presents Gov't Mule live from Minglewood Hall in Memphis, Tennessee. Guest Host, Robert Gordon, tells us more about the Hi Records Story.