Radio Theatre
2:53 pm
Thu December 6, 2012

“The Golden Dreydl” by Ellen Kushner

Sun. 12/9 6p: It is Hanukkah, and Sara, dragged to a party by her mother, finds playing with the dreydls (little spinning tops which are part of Hanukkah’s festivities) boring ... that is, until Tante Miriam gives her an ancient golden dreydl.

During a squabble over possession of the dreydl, the television screen and the dreydl are broken, revealing the magical worlds hidden within both of them. From the broken dreydl a princess emerges who leads Sara on a mythical journey (through the smashed T.V. screen). When the princess is captured by the Demon King, Sara, aided by a Fool, must use all her cunning and courage to outwit the Demon King, rescue the princess, and return home again.

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Two works from Britain’s The Wireless Theatre Company: “Hansel & Gretel,” by Sarah Jane Brion, a dark adaptation of the Brothers Grimm tale, and “The Brave Little Tailor,” an equally dark adaptation of another tale by the Brothers Grimm by Neela Doležalová. Both were recorded live at The Roundhouse in Camden in collaboration with Roundhouse Radio.

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