Gloria Steinem Recounts Historic Crossing of DMZ

Jun 20, 2015

Gloria Steinem with women leaders in Korea
Credit AlJazeera

6/20/15 Gloria Steinem explains, with irony, the rationale behind the women's crossing of the DMZ from South to North Korea and back,  when she talks to Susan Loubet for Women's Focus, "we've tried isolation for 70 years, why not try human contact." 

Steinem was at Bennington College to deliver 2015 Commencement Address. She was also questioned by students before an audience of college and community. 

Gloria Steinem at podium
Credit Bennington College

Students asked Gloria about feminist community and including transgender, and then, issues in which her thinking had changed over the years.

Questions from the audience

Gloria Steinem Bennington Commencement address-intro President Mariko Silverhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAQDcl6Rs6Y