Friday News Roundup: New Mexico Governor Travels To Nation's Capital

Feb 21, 2014

 New Mexico Governor Travels To Nation's Capital - The Associated Press 

Republican Gov. Susana Martinez is in the nation's capital to meet with governors from other states.

Martinez political adviser Jay McCleskey said Martinez will attend events of the National Governors Association and the Republican Governors Association.

Martinez left New Mexico on Thursday after the Legislature adjourned.

The nation's governors are in Washington, D.C. this weekend for their annual winter conference. The governors head to the White House Sunday evening for dinner with President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. The governors meet with the president and vice president on Monday.

However, Martinez won't be there at the White House. She plans to return to New Mexico on Saturday.

McCleskey said Thursday the Republican Governors Association will pay for Martinez's travel. She serves on the executive committee of the organization.]

Nuke Dump Officials Confirm Leak Of Waste The Associated Press

Department of Energy officials say radiation levels detected in and around the nation's only underground nuclear waste repository are consistent with a leak at the southeastern New Mexico facility.

Carlsbad field office manager Jose Franco said Thursday that readings from sensors above and below ground indicate the radiation is coming from waste stored at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. But officials won't know what caused the leak until they can get underground to investigate. That could be weeks.

On Saturday, the DOE announced an underground monitor detected airborne radiation. On Wednesday, an independent monitoring center said it also found evidence of an above ground escape.

Franco says it is the first such release from the plant since it opened 15 years ago. He also said the levels are still well below those deemed unsafe.