The First Freeze Of Fall

Sep 27, 2013

This weekend's forecasted freeze in parts of New Mexico brings home the changing of the seasons.

Grey skies and bustling winds are all part of the Pacific storm system that's been cruising across New Mexico. Brent Wachter, with the National Weather Service, said the system will be moving out of the region. In it's wake we'll be left with downright cool temperatures.

Lows will be in the 20s and 30s. Wachter said people need to keep in mind that forecasts are given for temperature gauges, which are usually between six and ten feet from the ground.


 "It can be even colder right next to the ground, and that's where gardens and vegetation are," Wachter explained.  "So, I think people in the Santa Fe area should prepare for that." 


Wachter predicted extremely isolated regional soft freezes in some areas. "Tomatoes are typically the ones that get hit the most by these soft freezes. That's where you would want to put some sort of covering to try to protect them," warned Wachter.  "Otherwise you just kind of cross your fingers." 


Tomorrow however is another story, as the air becomes still, we could be looking at the coolest temperatures of the season.