Festival Invites People To Talk About Death

Sep 30, 2017

As human beings we really don't like to talk about how our lives will end, which is why fewer than 30 percent of people do any end-of-life planning. But a new festival launching in October in Albuquerque will offer a variety of practical and fun activities designed to encourage people to plan on their terms how they want the end of their lives to look like. The Before I Die Festival takes place Oct. 20-25 and is the first of its kind West of the Mississippi. It will include film screenings, panels of experts, dinners and death cafes, and even yoga (from child's pose to corpse pose).

Megan Kamerick talks with festival organizer Gail Rubin, the Doyenne of Death, who has made it her mission in life to help people think about death in a healthy, engaged and fun way.