Fatal Shooting Prompts Members Of ABQ Police Oversight Task Force To Call For Reform

Mar 25, 2014

In response to APD's March 16th killing of homeless man James Boyd, members of the Albuquerque Police Oversight task force called for an independent investigation of the incident.
Credit Creative Commons

Horrified by the recent deadly shooting of 38 year-old James Boyd, members of Albuquerque's Police Oversight Task Force addressed reporters this morning, calling for an independent investigation into the incident. 


The group, appointed by the city council, is asking that their recommendations, which call for heavy handed civilian oversight of the Albuquerque Police Department, APD, be adopted in full.


Task force member Fabrizio Bertoletti says the indisputable facts of the fatal shooting of Boyd demonstrate a failure in a system that can no longer be tolerated. 


"A mentally ill man in crisis armed with knives but no firearms, is confronted by at least 6 officers," explains Bertoletti. "There is personal trained in conflict resolution and a number of non-lethal tools at their disposal and in spite of all that, the man is shot to death anyway."


Task force members say city administrators and the APD need to commit to change their use of force policies so that incidents like this don't ever happen again. 


A protest of the APD is taking place this evening in downtown Albuquerque where hundreds are expected to march to the departments headquarters.