A Family of Native American Women Artists-The Record Set Straight

Aug 26, 2012

Three biographies of renowned women artists are released this Indian Market week. Here are interviews with the authors and their readings of excerpts.

Artist Margarete Bagshaw wants to correct the misinformation about her mother and grandmother, Pablita Velarde and Helen Hardin.  She says that it is time to get the real stories written down.  She asked Kate Nelson, former editor of the Albuquerque Tribune and Shelby Tisdale, director of the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, to author the biographies of the two.

Also part of the record is her own account of what it is like to grow up in the households of dedicated artists, where family activities depend on the schedule of art shows. Both Margarete's grandmother and her mother questioned the expected role of Native women artists, who were expected to do crafts, and then, traditional Native art.  Margarete takes those questions even further. 

Margarete Bagshaw,  Teaching My Spirit to Fly;  Kate Nelson, Helen Hardin--A Straight Line Curved; Shelby Tisdale, Pablita Velarde--In her Own Words