Emira Woods on KONY 2012, Mike Elk on Labor Journalism

Mar 19, 2012


Tue. 3/20 8:30a:  The viral video Kony 2012, made by the US based group Invisible Children, calls for military action against African warlord Joseph Kony. It's been seen by more than 80 million people, AND it's been criticized for distorting the central African conflict and a paternalistic view toward Africans. 

But what are the larger military ramifications of Kony 2012? We'll talk to Emira Woods, an expert on US African policy and the co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus. Also, corporate newspapers mostly don't have labor reporters. And that means compelling stories about working people aren't being told. In These Times labor journalist Mike Elk was recently on the road with a caravan of locked out workers. He'll join us to tell us about his reporting and about the state of labor journalism.