Education Reform in New Mexico

Feb 26, 2013

Fri. 3/1 8a: Can anything really be done to improve  K – 12 Education in New Mexico? Improve education is the answer you usually get to New Mexico’s seemingly intractable problems. But, how do you do that? 

Last year more than 70% of our births were covered by Medicaid and only Mississippi fares worse on key indicators of child welfare such as high school dropouts, concentrated childhood poverty, teen pregnancy and teen drug abuse. Given this discouraging reality, is it any wonder that our schools have failed to achieve even “average” results? Can anything be done?

This is the big question and one we will put to former New Mexico Education Secretary Dr. Veronica Garcia and Dr. Andrew Hsi, who heads a unique program at UNM Hospital which provides medical, social and psychological support to families with at risk children.

Please join host Stephen Spitz as we ask where education reform should place its emphasis. 

Produced with the assistance of Joe Green.