Drugs & Border Violence

Fri. 5/14: NM People, Places & Ideas looks at recent violence along the US-Mexico border, and the roles of corruption and drug trafficking.

Horrific daily murders are again on the increase in near-by Juarez, Mexico with the recent public assassination of three American counselor employees in broad daylight making national headlines.

In response, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to Mexico City and again pledged US cooperation in the fight against the Mexican Drug Cartels while Governor Richardson called out the New Mexico National Guard to protect against cross-border violence.

But with cheap drugs and entrenched Cartels just across Rio Grande from the largest and richest drug market in the world is there any realistic hope of winning the drug war and stemming the violence? Alternatively, what are the choices when corruption and intimidation have overwhelmed local, State and National Mexican Governments and violence is already spilling over the border?