Domestic Violence Awareness

Fri. 9/3 - In the wake of the tragic loss of UNM graduate student Stefania Gray and Professor Hector Torres, the UNM Department of English and the Women Studies program are organizing The Gray-Torres Conference on Domestic Violence in the Student Union September 27-28, 2010.

The two-day conference will raise awareness of domestic violence by placing it within a broader sociocultural and political framework and seeks to educate the community on how to identify and understand the problem, to inform the public about the resources available to deal with the issue, and to ensure that victims of domestic violence are adequately protected and defended by our legal and juridical institutions. University campuses are not immune from tragic violence but because of the broad expertise at a University, there can be new avenues of study and research to aid in reducing domestic violence and stalking among concerned parties.

Guests include: Cameron Crandall, MD, Vice Chair for Research Center for Injury Prevention Research and Education, Department of Emergency Medicine; Lisa Broidy, Associate Professor, Director of Institute for Social Research Department of Sociology and Stephen Bishop, Associate Professor of French, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. All three are members of the organizing committee for the Gray-Torres Conference on Domestic Violence.

Hosted by Jane Blume. Produced by Dick Frederiksen.