A Discussion About Healthcare in New Mexico

Fri. 4/8 at 8am: Many continue to question the benefits of the Health Reform Act passed under President Obama. To address these questions, Stephen Spitz is joined by Dr. Paul Cochran, the former Medical Director and head of Cardiology for Presbyterian Healthcare Services.

We start with an analysis of how Health Care Reform will and will not affect health services in New Mexico Among other subjects are: (a) the importance of universal coverage, (b) whether the present "system" is truly broken and (c) how reform will impact current challenges facing those needing healthcare in NM (e.g. access to providers/hospitals/medications).

We then tackle the question raised by ever increasing health care costs, namely why (and what) healthcare services do not add to the "health" of individuals and communities, including end of life care. Finally we address who (and how) we will measure the quality of care.

So please join Stephen Spitz and Dr. Paul Cochran for a discussion of health care reform in New Mexico. Produced with the assistance of John Burgund.